Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Artist Research - Illuminati.

"This totem represents a New World Order deity, formed by the piramid, a panoptic eye, the earth, lightnings, the ram, fists with fire, Minerva's owl and missiles. We worked on it for three days (and some nights). With the help of three chinese workers we screwed about 5.000 screws. 150 meters of light hose were used."


Tom Hussey
"The meaning behind this idea is based on the illuminati,New World Order and The Mayan's, every single part of this design has an element of symbolic relation to the illuminati.The hands represent the government controlling the world - New World OrderThe outside of the design consists of Mayan Numerals and also the barbwire is mayan symbols.The whole design has the four elements of the,air,fire and water which is also an illuminati symbol.This design is based on my belief that the government is hiding something from us and that there is a lot of things that are yet to be found out."

Mike Friedrich
"Part 1 of my ongoing ILLUMINATI series is finished. 10 years ago I was really engaged in reading everything i found about the illuminati history. I also moderated parts of Germans biggest Illuminaten-Forum for about 4 years. And during all the years I wanted to visualize this themeworld with a bunch of illustrations/paintings. Now the 1st picture is finished!"

Ryan Rachmanto
"The term demigod (or demi-god), meaning half-god, is commonly used to describe mythological figures whose one parent was a god and whose other parent was human; as such, demigods are human-god hybrids. In some mythologies it also describes humans who became gods, or simply extremely powerful figures whose powers approach those of the gods even though they are not gods themselves."

Nof Artherapy
This world is so old and until the end of time, there are only two kinds people... the evil and the good. I believe there is a group of peoples that filled by hater and slyboots. They try to  to lead us away from our religion, poison our ideology. Pitting us with any media they deceive us, entertainments put forward to complacent us. Ancient (evil) symbol adapted into consumer products. Young people who are lazy to read become their (potential) victim, they reproduce and use that symbols without knowing what it means. What the consequences, they became consumptive and ignorant.

Bulky Domae

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