Monday, 9 July 2012

Artist Research - Lady Gaga Portraits.

Helen Green
I really admire the work by Helen Green, especially the realistic and accurate look she has achieved. I regularly go on her Tumblr to see what new drawings have been added. She draws a variety of celebrities but Lady Gaga is the main focus. She updates regularly and her pieces are a reflection of the subjects at the present moment in time. I think this is good as she keeps up with the fast moving pace of these celebrities and documents the transitions they make with their appearance very accurately.

Adrian Valencia
I find these digital illustrations by Adrian Valencia really interesting. I like how he has captured many iconic looks but still kept each design with the same style. I think the repetition of the silhouette is very effective and his attention to detail really brings the designs to life. I think a style like this would be really good to experiment with.

Adam Brackney
I really like the simplistic approach to these designs, I think the fact they are simple and still portray the theme and character of Gaga has made them successful. I like the limited colour scheme as I think it lends itself to the block tapes and the small addition of texture.

Marleen Weijman
I am not a huge fan of these pieces. Even though I can appreciate them the design isn't to my taste and I don't find them aesthetically pleasing. The colour scheme is too garish and I don't like the use of black outline. I think the overall appearance is much to like that of a cartoon.

Kayla Jones
I really love these collage designs. The choice of imagery and how they have been incorporated with each other and additional shapes and symbols is really appealing. The colours are very monotone apart from the small pops of pink which I think looks very effective. This is a style that I would definitely like to look into during this project.

Da Morgue
Here are some artworks documenting the major scenes of some of Lady Gaga's hit records. I was really drawn in by the characters as I think the portray what is going on so well and the attention to detail is really good.

Sathaporn U-sapanitch
I have decide to document this piece as it is a typeface using Gaga imagery and shows the alternative path that I could experiment with. I think the appearance is very interesting and unique which matches her persona. The monotone black and white also links it all together.

Shreya Gupta
Here are some more simplistic representations of Gaga! Again they are successful because the right aspects have been focused on for them to still be recognisable. I think some additions of type would make these compositions even better.

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